DCampus (Digital Campus)

A school or college management system not only makes your organization’s day-to-day operations faster, more accurate, and more up-to-date but also saves parents more time and build more confidence in the institution.

DCampus or Digital Campus is a school/college/madrasa/kindergarten management software where your organization can become completely digital by inputting some information.

Click here to download DCampus prospectus.

The Digital Campus is designed so that any organization can easily enjoy this facility. With a little input, all the necessary outputs/reports are available throughout the year. We use the most secure and expensive server, Amazon Web Services, so there should be no worries about security. We have our own customer service and physical support system to launch the software quickly. Using DCampus will make the organization easier to manage and everyone associated with the organization will be stress-free.

Zahan Tech. Solutions works under the Affiliate Partner Program with Tech Stone Limited, a subsidiary of Daffodil Group. You can watch a demo of the DCampus software at any time by contacting us. We are working locally across the country under the affiliate program.

Click here to download DCampus prospectus.

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