Quick Tips to Speed Up WordPress Websites

So now we have already know How to Burn the Fat of a NewBorn WordPress Site with a Few Simple Steps. But what about the older sites? They also need some attention and time from our busy schedule. Here are some tips which can be easily and quickly executed.

Use WP-Optimize Plug-in

We can install WP-Optimize WordPress Plug-in to use many of its optimization features. Especially we can reduce excessive image size which is one of the major reasons for increasing site loading time.

Therefore, it is better to reduce the image size before uploading. But just in case it’s not possible automatically, then we can do this job my job using the plugin. WP-Optimize has that option, too.

WP-Optimize is an excellent plugin for managing website cache, too. Enable page cache from WP-Optimize control panel.

Reduce the size of the database

Removing unnecessary plugins, removing spam comments, deleting posts and pages and post/pages revisions/history, removing unused or orphan tables, removing unused meta values, etc. helps to optimize the WP database which improves speed, also good for security.

Note: A good and reliable plugin (e.g. Advanced Database Cleaner or others) can be used to do this. However, this is a high level of technical and risky work. It is better not to do anything without being sure and before doing anything it is safe to take a backup of the database or the entire site.

Delete old backups

This is mainly to save server disk space. Older unnecessary backups of your sites on the server can be deleted. If you took this backup through a plug-in the plug-in must have a list of old back-ups, too, and you will be able to delete the backup from the plug-in’s control panel.

Choose a Good Website Hosting

Choosing a good website hosting may dramatically improve the site speed. So choose your hosting service provider very carefully. The server location may have an effect on your website speed. A hosting service that has CDN service all over the world is a very good feature to notice as their specialty.

If your hosting service provider already provides a CDN facility, then add your website to their CDN service. Ask your hosting provider whether they have a CDN facility or not.

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