IT Services for Educational Institutions

Welcome to our detailed discussion on the required I.T. services for an educational institution.

Description of Services


Our current services for educational institutions, training institutes or any type of professionals involved in teaching activities:

Dynamic Website

A website is the organization's full-time spokesperson, tireless information provider and uninterrupted marketing representative. A website highlights how active and unique your organization is.

  • Display organization logo, name, and slider images
  • Display organization address, official phone number and emails
  • The facility to provide all kinds of updates and instant notices
  • List with pictures of all committees and committee members
  • List of faculty and staff
  • Convenience of uploading and publishing results
  • Proper presentation of all information on different pages
  • Details including pictures, videos of all activities
  • Photo gallery and video gallery
  • Social media links and other important links

Blog Website

Blog websites are primarily for personal writing or knowledge sharing on any subject. Teachers, writers, journalists, scientists, researchers create their own blog sites to share their own content.

Therefore blog sites have become indispensable in the field of education or dissemination of knowledge. Blogging sites can be developed on any subject, not just education, such as travel blogs, cooking blogs, etc. Even some blogs are so popular all over the world that many people consider blogging as their only source of income and career.

Learning Management System

Nowadays, online courses and teaching through online has become popular. Not only educational institutions, but also any training institute or individuals are using LMS to conduct online teaching activities.

  • Video lectures on all topics of online organization
  • File upload and download facility
  • Opportunity to learn at home at convenient times
  • Opportunity to look at a topic again and again
  • Q&A using comments or forums
  • Opportunity to earn extra online by creating your own course at individual level
  • Once the course is ready, there is no need to give lectures again and again
  • If necessary, a video can be updated

Membership Management and Event Registration System

Alumni associations or various member-based body can be formed with the former students or teachers of an organization. An online registration system is also required for various events such as reunions, seminars or annual conferences.

In this case, Zahan Tech. Solutions provide the following services:

  • Alumni Association Membership Management System
  • Event Registration System
  • SMS / Email Notification System
  • Student / Member Database Application

Database Application

In the field of education, especially in higher education, new research work is constantly taking place. Through these researches new knowledge and information is being born. But how much of that research work is being opened to the general public?

But the results of many of these research works can be easily disseminated to the public with the help of modern information technology.

For example, a research work on snake venom in the Department of Genetics Engineering at Rajshahi University is presented here – click here. Click here to view the website.

By creating such a database, it is possible to make the research results open and easily available to all. Jahan Tech Solutions believes that the use of information technology in education and research, not just as a branch of technology, should continue to grow in new ways.

Other Services

  • Access control system (can be integrated with the school management system if required or used as a standalone system)
  • Close Circuit Camera (CC Camera) solution
  • Computer Networking (WiFi) and Print Server Solutions
  • Digital classroom set-up (setup and adjustment of projectors, digital/electronic whiteboards, digital cameras, etc.)
  • Digital content creation support

Some Words

"Maintenance is harder than building a website" ...

From work experience, especially from work experience with educational institutions, we know that there are three main reasons why the authorities feel confused to use I.T. facilities or digital system -

  • 1. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.
  • 2. Failure to understand the reduction in operating costs, time, and effort of the organization.
  • 3. Consider the need for additional manpower for maintenance.

Not a problem, moreover a digitalized educational institution is much smarter and more efficient than other educational institutions –

As you can see, many educational institutions around us have already gone digital. The organization’s communication with parents and the transparency of teaching has increased. The government or the authorities want to get a lot of information or reports about the activities of the educational institution through the website of the institution. Digitization of educational institutions is the need of the hour. A digital educational institution is much smarter and more efficient than other educational institutions.

The new method is much more time and cost-saving, labor and hassle-free –

We are now constantly using the online system for job applications or various government jobs. It is now possible to get many government and non-government services even at home. In this age of digital, most organizations are managing their organizations smartly by reducing the clerical work through software.

Therefore, in the field of institutional management and service delivery, especially for educational institutions, digital systems are not a costly and complicated issue, but a modern, cost-effective and easy solution.

Everything is user friendly, so the software is now just a matter of a few clicks –

Our websites and software are designed to be user-friendly. In the initial stage data entry and later all the work can be done with just a click. The interfaces of the software are very simple and familiar, and their management is extremely easy for anyone who can use social media like Facebook.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. We also collaborate on all matters including data entry. As a result, in a very short period of time, an organization can run its own software or website on its own, without any need for manpower.

We will be by your side at any time with any problem, it is not our business demand but it is our real plan of survival.