About Us

Welcome to The Zahan Tech. Solutions

Greetings from Zahan Tech. Solutions. Do you like to play with ideas & activities? Here we do the same. Let’s join together!

I have always been enthusiastic about tech stuffs, especially Web Programming & Development and Technical Support. Before starting Zahan Tech. Solutions, I worked in several positions as ICT Engineer, Web Developer, Software Engineer, etc. also worked on many technical projects.

The 'Caretaker'

ASM Shahriar Zahan

⭐ Web Developer & Software Engineer
⭐ Freelancer @ Upwork
⭐ Writer & Trainer
⭐ Transcriber & Translator & Reviewer
⭐ Founder & Chief Executive @ Zahan Tech. Solutions
  • Website & Web Development with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress, Bootstrap.
  • Web Application / Software Development with JS, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Git.
  • Freelance Service provider on Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com.
  • Founder & Chief Executive of Zahan Tech. Solution.
  • HyperText Markup Language – HTML5
  • Cascading Style Sheets – CSS3
  • HyperText Pre-processor – PHP
  • WordPress CMS – WP
  • Laravel – The PHP Framework
  • Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Freelancer & Entrepreneur.
  • Support Engineer at Zen WP, CA, USA.
  • Reviewer at Lxt AI, 
  • Software Engineer at rajIT Solutions Ltd., Rajshahi. Language – HTML
  • Web Developer at rajIT Solutions Ltd., Rajshahi.
  • I.C.T. Engineer at Dept. of Botany, R.U.
  • System Engineer at Bitmascot, Dhaka.
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering, AIUB, Dhaka.
  • Job Recruitment System for NESCO.
  • HRM for Rajshahi WASA
  • Annual Reporting System for Rajshahi University.
  • Developed several websites for Govt. School & Colleges.
  • Implementing I.C.T. Based Teaching-Learning in Plant Sciences, HEQEP, CP.No 492, Dept. of Botany, R.U.

About Me

Hello! Assalamu Alaikum!

My name is Shahriar. As you have already came to know that I am the founder, owner & chief executive of Zahan Tech Solutions (aka Zahan Tech.). And before anything else, I would like to thank you for your interest in Zahan Tech.

As an independent service provider, I am AMP stack-based website and web application developer. I can create, manage, maintain, and repair websites and web applications using Laravel, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.

I am experienced, detail-oriented, and resourceful individual with a passion for web technologies and development. I have over twelve years of experience in the industry, and I have held positions as an ICT Engineer, Web Developer, and Software Engineer. As a freelancer, I have excellent experiences in Upwork, too. I am adaptable with a strong analytical mind and open to take new challenges.

Technical VA, Blogging & Writing are my other areas of interests. So I also enjoy tasks like Website Administration, Technical Writing, Web Research, Transcription, Translation, etc.

I love to learn new things and meet new people. Feel free to contact me anytime. Excited to discover awesome ideas and opportunities!

About Zahan Tech.

Upgrading Your Venture’

Zahan Tech. Solutions is a sole proprietorship business which provides Information Technology  services. We possesses a team of freelancers and technology enthusiasts.

At Zahan Tech. Solutions, we blend daily life needs and ideas with technology. Every call is important to us and we grow with your growth.

Our Mission

Zahan Tech. Solutions provides excellent service and quality products to meet the customers’ expectations with Totally-Customer-Focused approach. We are like a dedicated IT team for your business.

We always have time to listen to your awesome ideas. We have developed our own 6-D project management strategy to find the right path and reach the destination with the right solution.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



We start with discovering the opportunity or need for a solution is the first key step. This happens either from the client’s side or from our team’s innovative ideas.



We do technical research and analysis to identify the gaps and potentials. Also we determine the feasibility of the project in this stage.



The design of some demos and prototypes gives a visual representation of the solution before beginning the final development process.



Here we begin the agile development process with preferred and modern technologies. The technologies can be either suggested by the client or chosen by our developers’ team.



Releases, testing, troubleshooting, QA, etc. all happens at this stage. The most interactive stage among the client, developer, and QA team to shape up the final product.



We begin the delivery process of the product with the promised deliverables. We meet up the requirements of further technical support and upgrades.

Why Choose Us?

So finally, Zahan Tech. Solutions is an agency with a Totally-Customer-Focused approach. We can serve you as a team or you can hire any of our team members who will work for you dedicatedly.

We go through a thorough screening and analyzing process before taking on a project and discover every aspect of clients need. It strengthens our development process and helps to deliver you a smooth experience using our solutions.

We keep monitoring our every system running. Even many problems become solved overnight before they see daylight or before you notice them.

We always offer the best path to the solution our customer get the right information to overcome annoying technical situation. This approach helps to save money, time, and the important lifecycle of your business.

Some Numbers

Some numbers speak for us

1 +
Satisfied Clients
100 +
Projects Completed
1 +
Domain Hosted
1 +
Yeras of Experience

Our Team

We are some technology enthusiasts who love to play with promising ideas. We are a versatile and hardworking team with full of passion.

A.S.M. Shahriar Zahan

Software Engineer (Web, Backend)

Sultan Mahmud

SEO & Leads

Kawsar Ahmed Shuvo

Content Writer

Mizanur Rahman

Graphics Designer

Nusrat Jahan

Graphics Designer

Boni Yamin

Executive, Business Development


Our advisors’ are from various areas of interest to blend technology with life.

A.S.M. Shahriar Zahan


Riasad Tasha

Advisor, Software Develpment

Siddique Nibir

Advisor, Finance & Accounts

Sayed Mahmud Ahmed

Advisor, Business Development

Md. Shawgatul Islam

Advisor, Skill Development

G F Rabbani

Advisor, SME & Innovation

Farhana Zamil Tinny

Advisor, Communications

Dr. Al Imran

Advisor, Public Health